Saturday, March 17, 2012

Alphabet Soup

My latest ZIA is bigger and bolder too. Late last year Sue Jacobs posted her fabulous Alphabet Soup idea. Start with a tangle beginning with the letter A and continue through to Z. Sue's lovely tangle creations are on 5 tiles. I enjoyed tangling on the large watercolour paper so I decided to do the whole alphabet in one, with a touch of pumpkin colour to make a big hearty pot of Alphabet Soup.

Size: 57.5cm x 77cm   (22 1/2" x 30")

To help with the recipe I reached for Linda Farmer's wonderful Tangle Tangle Guide.

My Alphabet Soup recipe:
Afterglow - Carole Ohl CZT
Betweed - Zentangle
Crescent Moon - Zentangle
Dex - Zentangle
Emingle - Zentangle
Florz - Zentangle
Gingham - Margaret Bremner CZT
Hollibough - Zentangle
Inapod - Carole Ohl CZT
Jonqual - Zentangle
Knightsbridge - Zentangle
Lacy - Sandra Strait
Mooka - Zentangle
'Nzeppel - Zentangle
Opus - Zentangle
Popsicles - Michele Beauchamp CZT
Quiltz - Kim Barlow
Rain - Zentangle
Sanibelle - Tricia Farone CZT
Tripoli - Zentangle
Unyun - Carole Ohl CZT
Verdigogh - Zentangle
Warble - Zentangle
XYP - Zentangle
Yincut - Zentangle
Zin - Linda Farmer CZT

I hope you find it tasty!
Thanks Sue, Linda and Zentangle.


  1. It's a delicious work of art! Lovely!

  2. veronica czt in KC,moMarch 17, 2012 at 1:03 PM

    striking, lovely, intricate as ever!!
    enjoy seeing what u=you do each time.

  3. Its really very interesting post full of valuable information. The key part of this post is its descriptive way to define anything.

  4. Wow, this is a fantastic ZIA! Love your use of color, really fun to see all the different zentangles together in one artwork, you should be very happy with the way this came out! Great job!

  5. Great idea, Shelly! Lovely piece! I wonder how many pieces you could do with the alphabet since there are so many tangled out there now.

  6. That is one tasty soup, Shelly!!! Yum Yum! I'm inspired!

  7. It's a delicious blend of delectable tangles from your Zentangle pantry. The sprinkling of spices is just enough to emphasize the tangles and occasional negative space. Lovely, Shelly.

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