Friday, February 3, 2012

Burnt Sienna

Yippy, we are off to the beach for a week! Our grandchildren are coming with us, they are very excited. The drive to Bridport is only an hour from our home. After driving through pine plantations and around twisty tight corners in a rainforest we emerge to the view of superb patchwork paddocks in the Scottsdale farming area. This district is famous for it's natural earth of reddish-brown.....burnt sienna.

Size A4 - 21cm x 29cm  (8" x 11")


  1. What a wonderful composition of so many different tangles. They all work together beautifully. Enjoy your time at the beach with your lovely grandchildren!

  2. Can we all come with you?? We will be there in spirit and meanwhile we will enjoy your trip via your beautiful Zentangle art:) Have a really lovely time!

  3. A beautiful piece of ZIA. I love your judicious use of color, too. I haven't been able to really get the hang of successfully adding color, but your work inspires me to keep trying.

  4. Gorgeous again! Enjoy the beach - I'm a little envious!

  5. I love your choice of tangles, they are so much in balance.
    And as always very beautiful.
    Have a wonderful time at the beach :)