Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let sleeping snakes lie

Tasmania's weather is warming up and after our spring rain the garden is flourishing. I should be out pulling weeds and snipping. The water in the frog pond hasn't dried up yet and my latest Zentangle just reminded me of what might be lurking down under the bushes waiting for lunch.


  1. great title for this tile! I love how you finished the tangle ends!

  2. This is just lovely. You have THE most beautiful, flowy, fluid, graceful style. Your tangles always make me say "ahhhhhhh"!

  3. What they said.
    (Do you have dangerous snakes, or just snakes?)

  4. Yes Margaret, Tiger snakes and Copperhead snakes are both common here, they are venomous but usually stay away if you make plenty of noise. They come to water & love frogs so I let the frog pond dry up in the summer to be safe.

    Thank you Ann, I like that you say "ahhhhhhh"!

  5. It's funny but Tiger snakes actually don't have stripes so I am glad that when drawing a Zentangle we are able to be abstract. I didn't plan to draw a snake in the garden and saw it when I had finished.