Monday, September 26, 2011

Efflorescence 3,4

Here are pieces 3 & 4 of my 4 piece ensemble.

Tomorrow I will try and upload the whole 4!!!!


  1. Shelly, same problem here too as #2. One would think that if page #1 and #3 will enlarge, the others would also as a second page. Don't computer problems suck??? I suspect each page has to be uploaded separately as 4 single postings, and not 'tied' together on the same gray matting. But what do I know? Thanks for trying, but mostly, thanks for the beautiful creations you show us. I just love how your work flows so easily from one pattern to the next.
    I would kill to be in Providence (my birthplace) when you are. You will adore the beautiful city it has become with tons of historic buildings everywhere. Rhode Island has over 10,000 historic sites in that tiny state. Lots of history there. Hopefully, you and hubby can stay longer and enjoy every square inch of it!

  2. Granbeads, this will be our 1st visit to Providence, Paul has rented a Harley-Davidson while I am at the seminar so he can see the sites, he may even head off up the coast for a few days and have his very own adventure!

  3. Shelly, tell Paul that there are tons of coastline miles to see right in tiny RI because of big, beautiful Narragansett Bay cutting right up through the heart of the state. You both will have a grand time no matter what! Enjoy!