Saturday, August 6, 2011

Making Tracks

Size 20cm x 25cm (8" x 10")

What can you see?
Who is making tracks, where are they going?


  1. J'adore this piece, Shelly!!
    Yes... I identified with the message too. I'm making my own tracks. And, just because there isn't a clear path there, doesn't mean I can't make one with my own steps.

  2. Wow, Shelly. This is def one of your finest. Incredible detail. Just lovely. So much to see here. I always enjoy your art. I have several of your tangles saved to study later - saving this one!

  3. This one has inspired me to get back into tangling. Love the combo of patterns.

  4. Wow, this is quite wonderful! Lots of twists and turns and lots to see along the way. I need to try that "bands/stripes" idea too.

  5. I loved following the tracks all around this gorgeous piece. Lots to look at, and all so pretty!