Friday, May 27, 2011

Surging ahead

Size: 30cm X 42cm (11 1/2" X 16 1/2")

I am having some strange problems with Blogger. When I try to comment I am not recognised and can't sign in so it's a mystery because posting works. Well, I will surge ahead and try to solve this little glitch in the works.


  1. Beautiful, yet again! The flow of all of your work is just amazing!

  2. So NICE!
    How do you start your big ones?
    Do you you a pen to draw some help lines or does it just grow? Curious;-)

  3. Beautiful piece! I was having the same problem with blogger for a whole day it wouldn't let me post comments, but now it is working again.

  4. Another stunning work I know I'm repeating myself but what you do with your zentangles is just awesome!

  5. Very nice! And you aren't the only one who's had that problem. I've seen others posting with that same issue the past few days.

  6. Looove!!
    Your tangles are amazing!!