Thursday, June 3, 2010

Honky tonk

9cm x 9cm tile


  1. Just wanted to say, I love all your tangles a day and thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hi Shelly
    Love your blog.
    I've just got started in doing zen's and yours are so great! they seem so happy an playfull, You use so many designs.
    Curious... is that your bike you leaning against? an where are you? looks like I have seen the area before. I live in california...northcoast.

  3. Karin and Lori, thank you so much for being kind and commenting. Comments like yours keep me inspired!!
    Lori, yes that is my bike I have had it for nearly 15 years, when I turned 40 my challenge was to get my bike licence and ride a Harley. That photo was taken last Easter just north of a city called Wollongong in New South Wales on the east coast of Australia.