Sunday, June 25, 2017

Shattuck on Opus

Shattuck is still hanging around, this week on a Renaissance Opus tile.


  1. Magnificent as always Michele! I love the effect that is made when the Shattuck "spines" appears open at the outside end, but tucked under the centre Jetties circle. Your 4 different borders are fabulous! Thank you for the visual treat during my sleepless night tonight!!

  2. The contrast between structure and free-form is particularly pleasing to me. You keep on inspiring!!!

  3. Love this, of course Shattuck is one of my Mac & Cheese tangles. Agree with Angela's comment. Could not enlarge enough to see the free form that clearly. Not sure what tangle it is but love the way it winds around the tile.

    1. Sorry about that dodgy photo Donald, I have just uploaded a clearer one.

  4. Hi Michele- I work on a blog for age 55+ students. We offer classes and are offering one on Zentangle Renaissance tiles. Would you be willing to let me use your tile as an image on our blog? Please let me know if that is ok with you. Thanks for your time! -MB

  5. Continue to be awed by your work. The ring is unique and beautiful. Love the gem in the middle of the last one. The middle one a nice depth and movement to it.