Friday, September 23, 2016


The Diva's Weekly Challenge #285: "Relax, bro."

The Diva asks us to tangle like no-one is watching, relax, no plans. I had actually just finished fife for our Facebook group Square One: Purely Zentangle, felt relaxed and with thoughts of just playing with more fife. The house was quiet so I could hear the magpies out in the garden and with spring sunshine beaming through my window fife grew and grew, blossomed and flourished.

Tile for Square One: Purely Zentangle

Renaissance Tile with brown Micron pen and white Gelly Roll

White Zendala tile with Prismacolor pencils


  1. Your "FIFE" is beautiful :-) Gudrun S.

  2. Love your study on Fife. It absolutely did flourish. What an inspirational group of Fife.

  3. Ohmigosh! These are all stunning. Fife like I've never seen before;-)

  4. All of them are gorgeous! Fife is a recent discovery of mine, too, and it is such a nice tangle, weaving petals over and under. I think I like the Renaissance tile best, the colous are so beautiful! :-)

  5. Oh Shelly! The first tile is stunning!! And then the second and third appeared ... and my smile just kept getting bigger. :) I was thinking/talking about you today as I taught your Mak-rah-mee tangle to my "Zentangle IV: 3D Twists & Turns" class. I'll be sending my students a link to your blog in tomorrow's after-class email!