Saturday, May 14, 2016

Aquafleur for Joan of Arc

If I'm home in the mornings at 11 am I love to turn the radio on and listen to 'Conversations with Richard Fidler'. It's a wonderful time to stop, listen and tangle, the people he chats to come from all walks of life and have really interesting stories to tell. Yesterday with aquafleur in my mind I had made a start and Richard's conversation was with Helen Castor who had researched Joan of Arc's fascinating story. With renaissance Zendala tile and gold pen aquafleur appeared to be more like a badge of honour than flower.

May all the brave and strong young women of the world live safely while exploring their passions.


  1. It's a beautiful tile. Reminds me of a dreamcatcher. :)

  2. Beautiful tile,
    I can imagine how inspiring the conversation was.

  3. Absolutely beautiful tile, Michele, especially as it is in honour of such a brave beautiful girl. Just love your work.

  4. Beautiful badge from a beautiful woman.