Saturday, May 2, 2015

Artists In Action

This Sunday The Launceston Art Society are conducting their Artists In Action Day at Eskleigh in Perth, Tasmania. Now scan your eyes to the last name on the list......yes it's me!! I certainly feel very special to be invited to share Zentangle with this diverse and fantastic group of artists. How lucky am I to be able and tangle all day and chat with all the lovely people who will be wandering around the demonstration tables!


  1. Lovely news Michele and you have so much to offer that's special too.

  2. Congratulations Shelly!! That will be so fun. AND you'll get a chance to meet Gemma and set up a calligraphy class. You laugh but it could happen. ;-)

    1. Oh, I like the sound of that Cindy!!

  3. "Exceptionally talented" certainly describes you perfectly. Have a wonderful time!

  4. No doubt you will be swamped! They will all be just as awed as most of us are with your very special talent. Have fun!